Boiled peanut recipes

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Boiled peanut recipes

Post by dnolen »

What y'all got.

Mine is
2.5-3lbs of green pea nuts
Crab boil spice pack
1/4 cup tony catchers
1 jalapeño diced
1/4 cup red pepper flakes
Throw it all in the croc pot fill with water until it's just over nuts.
Keep a eye on it and fill with water as needed. (This is what I do for my wife and kids to eat them. If it's just me I use 1/2 cup of tony and 1/2 cup of red flakes)
Roll tide!!!!!!

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Re: Boiled peanut recipes

Post by bobwhite »

I boil mine in a big pot on a fish cooker.....peanuts,water,and salt.....and lots of cold Natty Lite while they are cooking.

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Re: Boiled peanut recipes

Post by daniel white »

Like your style bob

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