Around the clock hunting 24 hrs. a day ...

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Around the clock hunting 24 hrs. a day ...

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... and hogs and coyotes are easy to raise.

Deer hunting has become too much of a pain in the ass to worry about anymore. All the paper work and reporting. I used to do that kind of stuff when I worked in accounting back in my Continental Can days before the coal mines.

Looking at the commissioner's list of game animals and furbearers, hogs and coyotes are on both lists for their protection. Commissioner thinks they need protecting so, why not do my part? Get me some land and manage it for hogs and coyotes. Around the clock hunting for $15. They both multiply pretty fast, so there should be no problem keeping a good hunting population up.

The deer season in western Jefferson County has been set for extermination for several years now, and it's working pretty good. I quit hunting them to keep from killing 'em off altogether, but it's no use trying to save 'em by myself so I need to change my ways.

Folks are paying high prices to lease the land and they want to kill deer. I understand that. A deer a day for 119 days sends a message to 'em that its OK. Wipe 'em out boys. So its working out like DCNR wants it to. No deer.

I guess its hogs and coyotes for me now. I reckon I need to do my part to "protect, conserve and increase" whatever game we do have left around here. Don't seem quite right, but not many people see things like I do anyhow. 'Specially the bureaucrats in Montgomery.
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