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For the record ...

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I was a kid becoming an adult when a lot of significant things happened that influenced my beliefs about our government. Maybe this will help some of you understand why I take it so seriously ...

age 14 - Gov. George Wallace stands in the door at UA to defy feds forced integrating
age 14 - November 22, 1963 Pres. John Kennedy assassinated
age 19 - April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated
age 19 - June 6, 1968 US presidential candidate Sen. Robert Kennedy assassinated
age 19 - October 31, 1968 Johnson stopped bombing N. Vietnam while I was soon to be drafted
age 20 - drafted into the US Army while draft dodgers left the US. "War" was very controversial. Nuclear arms race raging.
age 22 - started work in private sector and got married
age 23 - May 15, 1972 US presidential candidate Gov. George Wallace shot five times
age 24 - October 10,1973 Vice Pres. Agnew resigned during investigation to impeach
age 25 - August 8, 1974 Pres. Nixon resigned during Congressional hearings to impeach
age 26 - -April 30, 1975 troops pulled out of Vietnam

I was faced with making some tough decisions while studying political science and government in college. All this was happening around the time in my life when I was becoming an adult.
It is our understanding that the law making power, invested exclusively in the Legislature, cannot be delegated to any other department of the government, or to any other agency, ... State v. Vaughan, 4 So. 2d 5 (Ala. Ct. App. 1941)

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